Christian Book Publisher, a pair of docs publishing, in Boiling Springs, North Carolina Launches New Web Site


Asheville, North Carolina—a pair of docs publishing is a Christian publishing company owned by Bob and Sheri Adams, a husband and wife team of theology professors currently teaching at the M. Christopher White School of Divinity at Gardner-Webb University.  Sheri Adams is a full professor of Church History and Bob Adams serves as an adjunct professor of Social Ethics.  Together the Adams make a pair of docs publishing, a Christian publishing company dedicated to the printing and distribution of Christian theology books for the open-hearted.   Books published by a pair of docs promote an honest, deep and personal exploration of Bible to find answers to some of the modern world’s most important questions. In the future, a pair of docs publishing is committed to offering a selection of Christian theology books in both English and Spanish. All Christian literature published in the future will be available for purchase online at a pair of docs publishing can also be found on

A number of recognized academic and theological experts support the work of a pair of docs publishing.  Here are some recent endorsements of the work of Bob and Sheri Adams:

“If you were leaving your child or your favorite pet in someone's care for an important period of their life, you would want to be very sure you were dealing with people you could trust.  You might feel the same way about handing your manuscript over to a publisher.  After all, you have been birthing it and caring for it for quite some time.  Trust is synonomous with Bob and Sheri Adams.  From the moment of our first meeting, I knew they were intelligent, open hearted theologians with a passion for truth and a thirst for conversation and dialogue about the issues that really matter. And fortunately for all of us, they have a desire to see the conversations and the works published. You will enjoy them. You can trust them.
--Sharon Allred Decker Founder, The Tapestry Group, 

“If you're serious about being a Christian, and if you think that faith seeking understanding is a good thing, then this website is for you.”
--Fisher Humphreys, Birmingham, Alabama