A Pair of Docs Christian Book Publishing Company Announces Upcoming Books


Asheville, North Carolina—a pair of docs publishing recently published its first release: What the Bible Really Says About Women by Sheri Adams and will soon launch a new online bookstore http://www.apairofdocspublishing.com.  a pair of docs publishing is dedicated to printing Christian theology books based on the serious and open study of Bible scriptures. Upcoming books planned for release during 2009 and 2010 include Sheri Adams’ manuscript entitled The Bible and Sin Bearing, New Questions About Old Answers.  This book will serve as a theology textbook in Professor Adams’ class at M. Christopher White School of Divinity at Gardner-Webb University.  Bob Adams is currently completing one manuscript and solidifying plans for the development of two other books. Bob Adams’ work will cover topics such as:

  • What the Bible Teaches About Ethics
  • Convictions to Live By – or Die For
  • North and South American Perspectives on Globalization

 a pair of docs publishing also plans to make theology textbooks and Christian literature available in both English and Spanish in the future.  Bulk orders can be filled upon request, please contact Bob and Sheri Adams (704) 473-0346 for more information.