Reflections of a Satisfied Life by Sharon Decker


Reflections of a Satisfied Life by Sharon Decker

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Do you often wish there was more time in the day to spend with those you love, doing the things you love to do?

Could you relate to a book of reflections written by a woman with a full time job, who is a full time student, and who has five kids, three dogs, and a radio show?

A book by Sharon Decker, one of the personalities on the weekly radio show, The Satisfied Life and founder of The Tapestry Group. This is a collection of inspirational essays on finding God in everyday experiences in life.

An excerpt:

"Pink High Heels"
It was 10:45 on a Sunday morning. Bob and our oldest son, Rob, had made it in time for Sunday school at 10:00 a.m. But, here only 15 minutes from the start of worship service, I was still struggling to get Matt, Abby and Em to church on time.
One by one, as I picked a few more cat hairs off my black suit, each of the three filed to the front door. Matt was looking pretty good, even without his belt. At least his hair was combed. Abby, was pretty as a picture - hot pink and purple finger nails and all. Then came Emily, age three, picture perfect until I reached her feet... Barbie high heels complete with pink plastic feathers and sequins! Never mind that her dress was red or that it was October, or even that we were headed to church, no play school! She was determined to wear those shoes.
Having spent the last hour "barking" breakfast instructions, clean underwear instructions and make-up-your-bed instructions, and somehow along the way ensuring I had clothes on, I simply had reached my MAX!! I briefly tried to reason with her that the shoes were inappropriate for church, that her feet would get cold, that they didn't match her red dress, all to no avail, she won, and off we went. Emily was displaying a proud grin beyond description, and I displayed a disgusted sneer. Both of us had those countenances, for different reasons not the least being influenced by the two snickering siblings in the back of the van.
What a sight we must have been! Yes, the ushers noticed, yes, the lady in the next row noticed and yes, even the elderly gentleman whom I have never heard say a word noticed. Without exception, each person that greeted Em that day smiled and complimented her on how lovely she looked. Unlike me, they didn't seem to mind the clanking of the Barbie shoes against the slate church floor, which kept me from hearing a word of the sermon.
Later, after church, even the waitress at the restaurant where we went to eat lunch (didn't my Mom used to cook Sunday lunch?!) thought they were the prettiest shoes she had ever seen.
Slowly, but surely, as Em's confidence grew, my anxiety began to melt. Miss Em had successfully made a fashion statement that Sunday morning in her own unique way. God had a few wonderful lessons for me in Em's pink heels which had left an indelible, yet loud, mark on all the folks in church that day.

You know, as well-meaning moms, we sometimes attach a great deal of significance to those things in life that are - well, actually not that significant at all.

Not significant except, of course, to a precious little three year old girls, who quite simply, just wanted to feel like a princess that day. Later that week, I thanked God that even in my fit of exasperation, I allowed her that moment. God spoke to me in a note of encouragement which I received in the mail from a dear lady in our congregation. "Dear Sharon, thanks for letting Emily wear pink shoes on Sunday. I've smiled about it all week."