Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a book online?

To purchase a book from our site, select the product you want, and click "Add To Cart." A cart symbol, number of items, and your subtotal will appear in the top right corner of your screen. To finish the process, click on the cart symbol and follow the Checkout process there.

Do you sell or give away any of my personal information? 

Absolutely not. A Pair of Docs Publishing will never  sell your information. We do NOT sell or distribute any customer information including emails, addresses, phone numbers and names.

Can I purchase a book with a check or money order? 

Yes, books can be purchased via mail. Please contact us to get more information. 

Who can I contact if I am having problems purchasing a book online? 

If you are having problems purchasing one of our products online, please get in touch with us to resolve the issue. You can find our contact information here .

How is the cost of shipping my order determined? 

A Pair of Docs Publishing only charges the real and actual shipping cost of our books.  No fees are added onto orders of one or multiple books at any time. 

How can I stay informed about newly released theology books and Christian literature from A Pair of Docs Publishing?

Visit our website and blog frequently and Like our Facebook page to stay updated.

Can I place a bulk order for theology books through A Pair of Docs Publishing?

Yes, bulk orders can be placed by phone.  Simply call Bob and Sheri Adams at 704-473-0346 and place your book order today. 

Why are there only limited theology books available at this time? 

Although Bob and Sheri Adams are accomplished, published writers and recognized theologians a pair of docs publishing is a young Christian book publisher taking the stage for the first time. As 2009 and 2010 progress, a pair of docs publishing will release new and exciting titles for use in a wide variety of scenarios such as Bible college classes, Bible studies, theology discussions and more. 

Can A Pair of Docs Publishing become my publisher?  Do you publish theology books by other authors? 

A Pair of Docs Publishing currently publishes academic theology books for use in the classroom. Inquiries regarding publishing opportunities can be emailed to