a pair of docs publishing: Christian Publishing with a Commitment to Openhearted Theology

A Pair of Docs publishing is a Christian book publisher dedicated to exploring diverse teachings and theologies of the Bible, in order to facilitate an openhearted understanding of biblical Scriptures. Bob and Sheri’s theology is informed by their living and working in Latin America.  a pair of docs publishing is committed to printing Christian theology books on a variety of biblical topics including: the biblical roles of women, modern Christianity and women, biblical ethics and moral philosophy.  Owned by theological educators, Bob and Sheri Adams, a pair of docs hopes to bring a breath of fresh air to the field of Christian literature and aims to promote an honest, powerful conversation between people of all ages and backgrounds about varying biblical interpretations.    

The Husband and Wife Team Behind A Pair of Docs Publishing

Bob and Sheri Adams were married in 1982.  As a husband wife team the Adams share sixty years of theological education and over thirty years of writing experience. They have also lived, worked, learned and taught throughout the United States, Central America and South America. Bob and Sheri Adams both currently teach at Gardner-Webb University. Sheri serves as a Full Professor of Church History and Bob is a retired Professor of Social Ethics teaching adjunctively. Bob and Sheri have one daughter, Rachel, who was born in Argentina and currently holds dual citizenship in Argentina and the United States.  Rachel hopes to become an art therapist and lives in the United States.

Sheri Adams

Sheri Adams has forty years of teaching experience in both the US and Latin America, working with students of all ages including: elementary, middle & high school, junior college & college, and seminary, Sheri ‘s major areas of interest are  Christian theology, Christian history and civil rights history.  Sheri studied Music Education at Northeast Louisiana State University, 1969 and Secondary Guidance Counseling at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1976.  She received her Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1978 and her Doctor of Theology in1982.  Her postgraduate studies include time at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1993 to 1994.  Sheri has been employed as a professor and provided theological education at the International Baptist Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the M. Christopher White School of Divinity at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.

Bob Adams

Bob Adams published his first Christian theology book in 1972.  He is founding director of the Centro Interconfesional de Estudios Teológicos known in English as the Interconfessional Theological Studies Center.  He has also served as a visiting professor on the San Andrés and Providencia Islands, located off the coast of Nicaragua, and as Director of Graduate Studies at an International Religious Seminary.  Bob is a recognized expert on the Mayan Popol Vu, which are Mayan sacred writings, and comparative religion. He lived in Chile and Argentina during the pre- and post-Pinochet years and has studied with well-known South American religious authorities such as Paulo Freire, Orlando Fals-Borda and Heinrich (Enrique) Biermann. Bob’s theological work has taken him throughout Latin America where he has fulfilled a number of pastoral positions.  In the past he has been inspired to act as:

  • A latrine (outhouse) digger in Cali, Colombia
  • An Associate pastor in Concepción, Chile
  • A Pastor in Villa Miseria, a slumtown on the outskirts of Buenos Aires 
  • A Pastor of an International Mission in Cali, Colombia where many of the congregants considered English a second, third or fourth language.

An International Mission: Publishing Christian Theology Textbooks in English and Spanish

In religious terms, Bob and Sheri Adams consider it their vocation to live and work with people in the non-English Americas. Although happy with their life and heritage in North America, the Adams have felt divinely guided to teach, live and serve in a Latin-American environment.  Over the years Bob and Sheri have fully integrated into the Latin-American cultures they have lived in and this has inspired them to publish Christian theology books in both English and Spanish.  “I think we both have things to say in Spanish that are not currently being said and we know that there is a market for such sayings and writings,” says Bob Adams, “Together, we have several hundred former students who desire to have these kinds of theological conversations and are seeking to explore various biblical interpretations. Along with the people we know and interact with, the numbers are in the thousands.”  This is why a pair of docs publishing plans to publish future books in both English and Spanish.